Tamuz Solar Technologies specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced all-in-one off-grid Solar Energy Systems for Security, Agriculture & Water technologies, Utility, IoT and Smart City applications. Tamuz Solar’s engineers and solar technology experts work hard to provide you with an ultimate solution for field power applications.

The company’s HQ, R&D, assembly & marketing are located in Israel with close-to-market production lines.
The company was founded by Mr. David Danino – a world expert in battery technologies, charging methods and off-grid-solar systems design & development.

Tamuz Solar Technologies is a spin-off of Tamuz Electronics, which was founded in 1998 and specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative energy systems, batteries, charging devices, and renewable energy systems.

The Founder and CEO of the company – Mr. David Danino. Entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the energy industry and extensive knowledge of energy systems and markets. Mr. Danino is actively involved in the development of innovative technologies.

Tamuz is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.


David Danino – Founder and CEO of Tamuz Solar Technologies

The past few years were both exciting and challenging for Tamuz. 

Exciting, because there were some great strategic decisions, new technological developments, new markets, and new products. 

Challenging, as you all can guess, because COVID-19 made its adjustments to our lives and the lives of global markets. Everyone and everything had to change: the way we approach business, customers, and the working process itself. And this is where I want to express my greatest appreciation of how the Tamuz team worked together and continued to create, develop and promote new advancements in the fields of power solutions and sustainable renewable energy. And these are the years when Tamuz Solar Technologies – a spin-off of Tamuz Electronics, was founded. 

At Tamuz Solar our goal is to bring simple and reliable solution for power needs for agricultural and water sectors, security, smart city and IoT applications, field labs, hospitals and meteo-stations, for rural and remote areas.

We developed an advanced technological solution for an all-in-one off-grid solar power system with a very long life-spin. It is maintenance free, very efficient and reliable, and has no substitution in the market today. 

I’m proud to say that from the very beginning of its existence, Tamuz Solar has already secured a great number of trusted customers and its solar systems proved themselves as an unparalleled solution for a variety of power needs in different field of applications. We supply our systems around the globe, bringing power where it’s needed most.

I want to thank all our customers for their trust and support and all Tamuz staff of developers, engineers, sales, administration and logistics for their devotion and hard work.

We will continue developing and perfecting the renewable energy solutions for a cleaner environment and growing market demands.

Thank you!

David Danino,

Tamuz Solar Technologies